Virtual Assistant Technology

Rigneydolphin, in collaboration with Interactions, now offers a fully automated Intelligent Virtual Assistant solution that enables human-like interactions to increase self-service. Based on years of research in Deep Neural Networks and machine learning, the solution utilizes a unique blend of artificial intelligence and human understanding. Productive conversations while significantly reducing costs.

Collaborating Intelligence

With over 25 years of business outsource experience, rigneydolphin has always prided itself in delivering the highest level of customer service, for both our clients and our clients’ customers.

Today, we begin a new venture: combining our vast experience with Interactions Adaptive understandingTM technology, which is sure to change the contact centre landscape.

Automation with a Human Touch

The Interactions solution is built on the company’s patented Adaptive Understanding TM technology that seamlessly combines artificial and human intelligence. The result is an unprecedented level of understanding that enables human-like conversations. It’s the kind of stuff real relationships are built on.

It’s the kind of stuff real relationships are built on.


Start here for a 2-minute primer on how Interactions Adaptive Understanding™ technology helps you and your customers boost productivity by: Exceeding 95% accuracy on every customer interaction. Combining automated speech recognition and Human Assisted Understanding. Delivering conversational and engaging self-service across channels.

Interactions is changing the way businesses and consumers communicate by transforming frustrating experiences into productive conversations. As a leading provider of speech and natural language technology, they empower businesses to deliver conversational customer interactions.

Unprecedented comprehension

Our Adaptive Understanding™ technology handles complex situations that other automated systems would send to a live agent.

Fast ROI

With a less than 1-year average break even, Interactions solutions pay you back fast. And then some: in just a year, our clients see an average ROI of 145%.

Operational Savings

How about an extra €3.8 million? That’s what Interactions is saving this leading hospitality organisation.

Satisfaction and loyalty

Happy customers come back – and tell their friends. With 10-20% average increase in CSAT, Interactions makes millions of happy customers.

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Adaptive Understanding™ 201 (Click Play)

Take the next step and go behind the scenes of an Interactions call. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll learn more about how our patented iProxy technology works. As a major component of Adaptive Understanding™, it seamlessly combines automated speech recognition and Human Assisted Understanding. So you and your customers to get more done in less time.

Based on its CuroTM platform, Interactions flexible solutions are designed to meet the growing demand for unified, multichannel customer care. They include award-winning hosted Virtual Assistant solutions, powered by its patented Adaptive UnderstandingTM technology, and speech and natural language development software tailored for the enterprise.


Interactions conversational solutions for financial institutions allow you to ask complex questions about your accounts, change account information such as addresses and emails, report a card as lost or stolen, and more. During our demo, we are calling into an application and interacting with the solution in real time.

With patented Adaptive Understanding technology from Interactions and the valuable services from Rigneydolphin you can seamless weave together Automated Assistance with experienced agents, ensuring an excellent experience for your customers every time.