Onsite Service

Rigneydolphin offer a comprehensive suite of onsite resource solutions.  We recruit, screen and hire skilled professionals and provide all associated payroll services.  We take responsibility for all related HR processes and can provide an onsite HR presence. Rigneydolphin retains employer responsibilities which allow our client to focus on their day to day operational activities.Onsite staffing solution is a cost effective method of engaging staff, as it reduces cost to our clients relating to HR, recruitment, Payroll and administrative work.

Offsite Service

Rigneydolphin offers a suite of offsite solutions at our Waterford site to help organisations maintain and improve the customer journey while reducing cost. We have the technology and infrastructure to respond to your needs while ensuring your customers are cared for. We enable our clients to focus on the strategic level of customer support while safe in the knowledge that the day to day support is managed effectively by our experienced operational team. We can respond quickly to changing demands and support our clients in periods of increased or unexpected demand.