Specialised Support Services

Workforce Management


Specialised Support Services

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Specialised Support Services

The LEAN way of thinking

Specialised Support Services

Rigneydolphin not only provides staffing solutions, we also ensure that employees are always fully engaged and motivated. We provide a range of quality, training, and monitoring services to keep employees energised and with the knowledge-base they need to support customers on their journey.

Quality Assurance

We track, measure, and analyse the performance of our staff on a regular basis. Our online scoring system allows to evaluate performance and also give timely feedback to ensure the highest levels of services are always delivered.

Workforce Management

With ever-changing customer needs, it is essential to ensure you have the right staffing levels to meet customer demand. Rigneydolphin’s Workforce Management program helps you devise resource plans to optimise staffing levels and implements recruiting schedules when required.

Lean Programme

As the only business solutions provider to roll out an organisation wide Lean Programme, all our staff are trained and motivated to minimise waste, and maximise value.

Calls Passed By Quality

Scheduling Accuracy




Annual Staff Retention Rate

  • 88 Certified Lean Practitioners with Yellow Belts
  • 150 completed projects
  • Benchmark for continuous improvements
  • Minimise waste through process improvement
  • Maximise value for customer and client