Staffing Solutions

We are experts in human connectivity. We offer a range of staffing solutions that can be adapted to suit whatever specific needs you have.

Whether onsite or offsite, sales or technical support, outbound or inbound campaigns, we have the experience, infrastructure and flexibility to respond quickly to your needs.

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Specialised Support Services

Rigneydolphin not only provides staffing solutions, we also ensure that employees are always fully engaged and motivated.

We provide a range of quality, training, and monitoring services to keep employees energised and with the knowledge-base they need to support customers on their journey.

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Virtual Assistance Technology

Rigneydolphin, in collaboration with Interactions, offers a fully automated Intelligent Virtual Assistant system that emulates human language interaction to perform customer service tasks.

Based on deep neural networks and machine learning, the system that blends artificial and human intelligence.

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Some of our many services

Phone Support

We offer both inbound and outbound voice support to your customers in a wide range of areas including Customer Service, Sales, Retention’s, Technical Support and Complaint Management.

Non-Voice Channels

We provide a wide range of multi-line support channels such as: Live-Chat, Email, White-Mail, SMS and Social Media. We are also proud to introduce ‘Interactions’, a cutting edge autonomous platform with a human touch. For more, see our Virtual assistant page.

Email & Administration

We can handle all of your whitemail and email requirements both inbound and outbound. This service is utilised extensively by almost all of our clients. From data entry, to CRM updates, no job is too big or small for our experienced Back Office Administration Team.

Intelligent IVR

Here at Rigneydolphin, we work very closely with our clients. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our clients business. Implementing our LEAN way of thinking, we help our clients develop smart IVR options to make calls more seamless and help customers get the assistance they need.

Social Media Management

Our social media team can monitor your company’s social media space and interact with your customers. Using the latest tools, we are capable of monitoring your campaigns metrics.

Big Data Analytics

Utilising the latest software specifically designed for managing large data, Rigneydolphin’s work force management team are capable of responding in real-time to react and predict increases in call trends from the state-of-the-art control centre. Our in-house developed CRM platform provides historic and real-time data on a large scale.

We Bring Game-Changing Technology to the Table

Our partner, Interactions, is a multi-channel artificial intelligence tool that uses cutting-edge voice recognition technology to emulate human conversation to enable high volume of customer care solutions. Using our Interactions service turns frustrating customer interactions into productive conversations.

We are Rich in Both Experience and Expertise

You don’t have relationships with individual clients for over 20 years without doing something right. We know customer service, and we know how to continues to change and evolve. Our management team have over 120 years combined experience, uniquely positioning us in a competitive market.